Natural Language Search for Commerce builds technology to extract actionable intent from natural language queries, directing customers to the products and services they are looking for.


The Simplest Way To Find Products

Across 40+ commercial categories, from flights and hotels to entertainment and deliveries,’s domain-specific solutions speak the language of your users, accessible on the platforms they already use every day.

Our technology is built on millions of natural-language messages enabling businesses to route their customers to the products and services they want.

Better Search

Make it faster and simpler for your customers to find what they want with natural language search for your website, your app, or any messaging platform.

Powered By Deep Learning Models

Our NLP technology is based on state-of-the-art methods in deep learning and probabilistic machine learning.

Trained On Real Conversations

Our deep learning models are trained on millions of examples of real conversations with commercial intent.


This demo is designed to translate natural language queries into structured intents.

Welcome! Search for flights, hotels, or products using natural language below.
Try "I want a nonstop flight from NYC to SFO on United leaving tomorrow"

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